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Klangfarb: Bob Tiefenwerth, keyboards, Paul Rieger, guitar and bass, John Erdman, drums and percussion, Rick Schmuff, woodwinds

Late Winter, 1977 finds Bob Tiefenwerth and Paul Rieger huddled over the mixing console at the 16-track studio - their first time in a professional studio. They are mixing their Klangfarb track, Charnel Ochre, later included on the original Best of Baltimore’s Buried album. The engineer has just slashed his ballpoint pen through Paul’s carefully plotted chart of tracks and fade-ins. The chart was on a piece of a shelf paper, several feet long.

It’s later in 1977, a snowstorm, and Paul is in the basement “studio” editing the closest thing to a “klangfarben melody” that Klangfarb would ever do. Bob’s Funky Tune was a series of four keyboard blends playing the melody of the song, but pieced together by splices.